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Osteria dei Sarrastri

Osteria dei Sarrastri
Osteria dei sarrastri is a place where you can have a happy refreshment mixed with an historical reference and of course, something more.
There are a lot of stories behind this experience, made of love for this activity, for our customers and for our environment, a love that is reflected in the respect that we have for seasonal cycles, without forcing the development of nature.
This is the experience of our chef Peppe Fasolino and his wife Angela: our chef is a pro in his job and his wife is sweet and friendly just like a real housewife can be.
From the platonic teachment of the Beautiful and Good, our chef added the statement “simple is good “ being careful and focused on a cuisine made of a great Variety of products, above all fish, in all its types and way of cooking it, crude and cooked, but without abandoning meat and all the lovers of the cooking on the grill. No matter if it’s fish or meat, you will try the magnificient products of our environment, the great Agro Sarnese – Nocerino.
You will also find here a great wine list, that counts about 200 labels, the best that you can find in the national and international scenery.
It’s all made and and created to let the customer find a place where you can appreciate the cuisine but it’s not just about that, you can see that ther is something more, an experience you ‘ll never forget.
The dining room